Online Training

Training remotely has emerged as a widely embraced service, leveraging technology to bridge the physical gap and connect seamlessly via video conferencing. Whether you're situated outside NYC, frequently on the move, or simply prefer the comfort and convenience of training at home, this option caters to diverse preferences and lifestyles.

Here's how it works:

Step 1: We kickstart with a personalized consultation conducted over platforms like FaceTime, WhatsApp, or Zoom. This initial interaction serves as a platform to delve into your aspirations, allowing me to gain deeper insights into your individuality and current circumstances, thereby paving the way for tailored solutions.

Step 2: Following our consultation, we collaborate to determine the most suitable approach based on your specific requirements and financial considerations. Whether it's opting for a structured monthly program supplemented with regular check-ins or engaging in virtual sessions where I'll be by your side, guiding you through every repetition of your workout, the choice is yours.

To initiate the journey towards achieving your fitness goals or to explore further insights into the realm of virtual training, feel free to fill out the form, and I'll promptly reach out to you.