It varies. It all comes down to adherence to the program within and outside training sessions.
When you have been consistently good, within 4-12 weeks you should expect to see great
results. Theres no doubt results can come very quickly when you stick to the plan, but our goal
should not only be to get to where you want to be as soon as possible, but also to maintain it.

Not too little or too much. That sounds vague and not very helpful but it’s true. To begin with, I’d recommend you do at least 3 sessions per week (that’s total sessions with and without a trainer) and as you increase your training age and work capacity (i.e. get fitter, then we can start increasing that number.

Yes. A sound nutrition plan that is followed is paramount to success. I will provide you with advice on what you should be eating for both health and body composition that you can use for the rest of your life.

The program you can adhere to that fits within your lifestyle and budget. You should not overreach and try to do too much; that usually ends with failure and returning back into bad habits, leaving you frustrated. The trick is to build momentum, start slowly and build up as you pick up speed and develop new healthy habits.

Most likely, no. Although there is a very small chance you may have a hormonal issue impeding your results, the most likely reason is that something isn’t being accounted for. Together we can investigate and discover some potential reasons for your slow results.

Supplements should never replace real food, but they can be very useful in some instances like correcting deficiencies. If you are going to take them, make sure that you are getting a high quality product from a reputable brand. There is a lot of junk out there. I will advise you on certain supplements that may help you if needed.